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Ultra-thin latex finger condoms - Pure

Ultra-thin latex finger condoms - Pure

10pcs / pack

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‘Pure’ from Chambluet is made by a global top-quality hyaluronic acid supplier, with a scientific formula, and high-content 5D hyaluronic acid, firmly establishing a water transmission barrier for the body.

Why You Need to Use a Finger Condom?

Hygiene: Finger condoms can provide an extra layer of protection, helping to reduce the risk of spreading infections or coming into direct contact with bodily fluids.

Safe Sex Practices: For some individuals, using finger condoms can be part of safer sex practices, especially during activities that involve contact with genital or anal areas.

Ease of Cleanup: Using finger condoms can make cleanup easier, especially when engaging in activities that involve the use of lubricants or other substances.

      Product Details

      Specification: 28 +- 3mm, 10 PCS/pack

      Product composition: The product is made of natural rubber and is in the form of a thin film cylinder with a curled edge. 

      Ingredients:Natural latex from Thailand;Hyaluronic acid;Small molecule collagen;Deionized water.

      Product Highlights

      • Ultra-thin, realistic touch.
      • Fingertip thickened, strong extensibility.
      • Water-soluble hyaluronic acid, lubricating and easy to clean.

      How to Use

      • Before use, please read the instructions carefully. Each pack of finger condom has a printed expiration date. Please use before the specified expiration date.
      • When wearing the finger condom, remove any rings or jewelry and ensure that your nails are trimmed smoothly.
      • Select the appropriate size of finger condom based on the user's hand shape. After confirming that the packaging is intact, gently tear open the aluminum foil packaging and squeeze out the finger condom from the bottom.
      • Place the finger condom on the finger(s) to be used. If using more than one finger, it is essential to wear a finger condom on each finger to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
      • When using, ensure that the finger condom fits tightly on the finger. If it accidentally slips off, replace it with a new one.
      • After use, wrap the used finger condom in paper and dispose of it in the trash bin.
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